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Gourmet, boutique, craft chilli sauces, barbecue sauces, pepper sauces and super-hot chilli pastes.

Using all-natural ingredients with some of this planet’s hottest chillies, as determined by the Guinness Book of World Records, and some traditional favourites, Cobra Chilli has delicious sauces to cater from Mild to Wild!

These are the products made by Cobra Chilli – aimed at the high-end of the market and sold in specialty chilli stores, delicatessens, butcheries and gourmet supermarkets. These quality sauces are made using all-natural ingredients and in a way that extracts the most heat and flavour from the chillies as possible.

What came first, the chilli or the seed?

How did it begin? What came first, the chilli or the seed?  It’s funny because a similar question has puzzled chicken & egg enthusiasts for centuries. Fortunately, as a cultivated saucier, Vaughn Henry (Cobra Chilli Founder) has the answer for you…

It was the seed. But he did not choose just any seed – in fact, the Carolina Reaper chose him – and from small plantations of chilli plants at Beelbi Creek, on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, the Cobra Chilli legend was born.

Vaughn inspecting the hot crop

A true story of Cobra Chilli (sort of)...

Our products are all natural. Nothing artificial and definitely no fillers. This means when we create a chilli sauce, we use different chillies to give the sauce a different profile, a different flavour and of course a different kick.

SHU = Scoville Heat Units