Pepper Sauce 150ml (5.1oz) - Scotch B
Pepper Sauce 150ml (5.1oz) - Scotch B

Pepper Sauce 150ml (5.1oz) - Scotch B

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PEPPER SAUCE 150ml (5.1oz)



A splash-on sauce made with the amazing tasting Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet chilli.


This is a Medium-heat, Louisiana-Style Pepper Sauce that is such a versatile condiment for nearly all kinds of food.


Yellow Scotch Bonnet chillies are pretty hot (200,000 Scoville Heat Units) and closely related to the Habanero. One of the defining features of this type of chilli is its sweet aroma and unique flavour. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this chilli - it’s the chilli of choice among Caribbean nationals.


Winner of:

2015 Mr Chilli Awards (Sydney, Australia): 2nd Place in the Louisiana Style category


Food Pairings:

Bacon and eggs, roast chicken, chicken schnitzel, spring rolls, grilled fish, tuna sandwich and salad vinaigrette.



Vinegar, Fresh Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet Chilli (30%), Sea Salt.


This product is Naturally Gluten Free

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