Chilli Sauce 250ml (8.5oz) - Bubblegum
Chilli Sauce 250ml (8.5oz) - Bubblegum

Chilli Sauce 250ml (8.5oz) - Bubblegum

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CHILLI SAUCE 250ml (8.5oz)

Ultra Hot


This Ultra Hot chilli sauce is made with the Bubblegum 7 Pot chilli (a cross between the Moruga Scorpion and Yellow 7 Pot).


The Bubblegum chilli comes in at 850,000 SHUs and was created by Jon Harper. As the “Father” of this variety, and based in the UK, he has been growing this and a lot of other Hybrids for a number of years. Jon called it Bubblegum because he thought it had a taste of Bubbaliscious Bubblegum, while others say the name is because the chilli has a mixed colour stem and crown that looks like bubblegum.


All we can say is, good luck with picking the flavour of bubblegum - that’s a challenge for diehard chilliheads only.


Food Pairings:

Anything off the BBQ (Red or White Meat), in burgers, on hot dogs, casseroles and can be a great addition to liven up your pasta or add some heat to any meal.



Fresh Tomato, Fresh Bubblegum 7 Pot Chilli (30%), Fresh Onion, Sugar, Vinegar, Fresh Garlic, Citric Acid (330), Sea Salt, Spices.


This product is Naturally Gluten Free

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