Chilli Mash 18kg (40lb) - Carolina Reaper

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CHILLI MASH 18kg (40lb)



A simple combination of the Guinness World Record hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper, and Vinegar - that's it.


This is for when you want to have fresh chillies on hand to spice up a dish and only add this great chilli flavour and heat.

The Carolina Reaper (HP22B) chilli was ranked as the hottest chilli in the world, according to Guinness World Records in 2013 at an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units.

Then, early 2018 it was re-tested and re-classified at 1,641,183 - Wow!


Food Pairings:

Use it to make your own sauce creations or to REALLY liven up a curry, soup, chilli con carne or pasta dish. Or if you are a true chilli head, straight on your meat pie, hot dog, or in your hamburger.



Fresh Carolina Reaper Chilli (85%), White Vinegar (15%).


This product is Naturally Gluten Free

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