Barbecue Sauce 1000ml (33.8oz) - Oaxaca
Barbecue Sauce 1000ml (33.8oz) - Oaxaca

Barbecue Sauce 1000ml (33.8oz) - Oaxaca

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BBQ SAUCE 1000ml (33.8oz)



A perfect fusion of four sauces: Ketchup, BBQ, Chilli and Mustard. There’s no other sauce quite like it. It’s like a barbecue in a bottle.


With fresh tomato, garlic and onion, Oaxaca (pronounced wa-ha-ka) combines the sweet smoke flavours from molasses and Worcestershire to create a velvety smooth sauce that goes perfectly on anything off the BBQ.

Oaxaca is a mild BBQ sauce, smoky and sweet, which beautifully compliments the fresh spice of the Jalapeño chilli.


Food Pairings:

Anything off the BBQ such as hamburgers, steak sandwiches and sausages. Also great on meat pies and with bacon and eggs or on your Sunday Roast.



Fresh Tomato, Sugar, Vinegar, Fresh Jalapeño Chilli (5%), Fresh Garlic, Spices, Fresh Onion, Worcestershire Sauce, Molasses, Mustard Powder, Sea Salt, Citric Acid (330).

This product is Naturally Gluten Free.

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